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Welcome to Our Favorite Things

We will no longer be editing or adding information to this website. 

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 Callie's babies were born on March 2, 2014, and they have all been reserved. You can see more information about the babies and also LylaToo's litter by going to our new website.

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We are having more and more problems with
editing our webpages, so because of this we've
started a new website.  You can get to the new website by clicking

You'll still be able to see these pages for the time being but after today I won't be adding any new information or pictures on this site.


There seems to be some confusion over how our Notification List works, and hopefully the following explanation will clear up any confusion.

The way our Notification list works is:

1.  We send out an email to everyone who is on our list at the same time with pictures soon after the babies are born.  The babies will be numbered in the pictures.  From that point it's strictly first come/first served.  That means even if you're  #20 on the list, you receive notification at the same time as #1 on the list.
2.  In order to reserve a kitten, you have to email us stating "I would like to reserve kitten #1" -- or whatever # you want -- "and I am sending you a deposit of 50% of the price of the kitten."
It's very important that you understand that telling me you're interested in a kitten does not constitute telling me you would like to reserve a particular kitten. 
3.  As we receive emails with a particular kitten being requested, that kitten is put on the "Reserved" list for 5 days awaiting their deposit.  If the deposit is not received within 5 days and we have not heard anything more from the buyer, the kitten is placed back on the "Available" status and is offered to the next person on the list who requested a particular kitten but was not the first person requesting it.  If you have requested a particular kitten, say #1, and #1 was reserved before your email was received, you'll be kept on the pending list until that kitten's deposit is received, or  if you don't care which kitten you get, then if there are still kittens available you'll be offered one of them.  If there are not kittens still available you'll be placed on the pending list and if one of the kittens becomes available for any reason, it will be offered to whoever is #1 on the pending list, and we'll just go down the list until the kitten is reserved again.

If #3 sounds confusing, it only means that if someone requests a  kitten after it's been reserved, we notify that person that the kitten is again available and it is offered to them at that time.  If it isn't taken by that buyer, it's offered to the next person on the list who tried to reserve a kitten but they were all spoken for.  

 I hope this has cleared up any confusion about the Notification List.  If you still have questions, I will be more than happy to answer them.
Halle's last available kitten has been reserved and will be going to Houma, Louisiana to live with the Horns

Some of Halle's babies!

Our next litter is due from Callie & Sterling.

These are pictures of their last litter in 2013.  You could bury yourself in their fur and never be found.  Okay. I'm exaggerating a little, but they had fantastic coats!  

They were both silver & white, and as they grew their fur lightened up considerably, which is common for silver kittens.

Callie is due on or around February 27th.  We do already have a "Notification List" for her babies, and she only has 2 or, rarely, 3 kittens so, again, we expect them to be reserved very fast, especially considering they'll be ready to go home right before Mother's Day.


We are so excited that LylaToo is expecting with Teddy.  LylaToo is a Standard Blue Point Napoleon and Teddy is a Shaded Silver Persian.  We expect some real beauties from these two, and their kittens will also be in time for Mother's Day!

Our Newest Addition to Our Family

Juliette is coming to us from PawsArePurrs Cattery in Pennsylvania, and they've been kind enough to agree to hold her for us until the weather has calmed down some up north (and obviously, also here in Louisiana!)
Juliette at 12.5 Weeks Old

Charlie was one of our first girls and she's given us so many beautiful babies, but she's now retired and is living with a wonderful family who is going to spoil her in every way.  We miss her and will never forget her, but we think Juliette will be a wonderful addition to our family.  Juliette is a solid white blue eyed Persian - just like Charlie.

Halle and VanGogh had 8 beautiful Napoleon Kittens born on January 11, 2014.  They had 5 Standards and 3 Nonstandards.  All of the Standards were reserved within hours after their birth, and the Nonstandards were reserved within hours after their pictures were published.

Halle's Standard Chocolate & White Napoleon Kitten - Just one of 8 beauties!

My Millie has gone to her new adoptive parents who are spoiling her rotten.  

Charlie & Sterling's Babies Born on 11/13/13!

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?
IMG 1812



Our Newest Addition To Our Family

I've named her Misty.    She's a beautiful little silver shaded and white  Nonstandard Napoleon Kitten,  and she's the daughter of Beni', one of our past breeders. 

We don't usually use Nonstandard Napoleon females for breeding,   but I  just fell in love with this little girl,  and I can already picture the beautiful Napoleon kittens she's going to produce for us.

misty 7-4-13-2

Misty is all grown up and beautiful!
We're hoping for babies from Misty sometime this spring.  We've decided her first mating will be with Sterling, our sterling silver and white Standard male.




We only accept checks made out to me personally or payments through  PayPal.


Come on in and look around!

     We hope you'll enjoy seeing our parents and our wonderful Napoleon kittens, Munchkin kittens, beautiful color point Himalayan Kittens, and our latest addition, the ever popular gorgeous Persian Kittens.
           And if you're looking for a new family member, you've come to the right place.
We named our cattery Our Favorite Things Cattery because these kittens, whether the Napoleons or  Munchkins,  are truly some of our favorite things. 

Standard Brown Tabby Napoleon Kitten          We think we have some of the most beautiful kittens that can be found anywhere, and even more important, all our kittens are raised with lots of love and attention, so they're some of the most socialized kittens you can find.
          We like to think of our potential buyers as future friends and we always love hearing from them and seeing pictures of their beautiful kittens as they grow into beautiful cats.
 Even if you're not looking for  a new kitten for your family, you should enjoy seeing all our new babies, and who knows, one of them might just tug on your heart strings!


Our Kittens are sold as Pets Only and  DO NOT


ST NS1 Standard <---> Nonstandard
We breed Standard & Nonstandard 
Napoleon Kittens & 
Munchkin Kittens, 

Standard Napoleons & Munchkins..............$800
Nonstandard Napoleons & Munchkins..........$500


And Now The Bad News

Once again airline fares have gone up.  We actually lost money on shipping kittens from our spring litters, so unfortunately we also have to raise our rates.  

One Kitten - United.....................$350
Two Kittens together United............$375
One Kitten - American...................$350
Two Kittens - American..................$375

There's a new courier service for pets that is getting very good reviews, and if you're interested in your kitten being delivered to you personally in-cabin rather than cargo we can check for you to see if they service your airport.  If they do, the cost for using them is $350 for one kitten and $450 for two kittens plus the cost of a carrier.  They actually send a courier with your kitten to take care of it in the cabin and during layovers, and they place the kitten in your hands at the destination airport.
(Their price could of course increase at any time)

50% Nonrefundable is Required to Hold a Kitten.
napoleon kittens for sale

          A Standard is a kitten with very short forelegs.  They also have very kittenish personalities that they tend to retain even as adults.  A  Munchkin kitten is very laid back and easy going, yet at the same time, they love to play. 
          A Munchkin Kitten  can be any color -- reds, blues, blacks, whites, bi-colors, calicos, torbies, torties, cameos, smokes, minks -- and any hair type,  long hair, , silky hair, short hair.
          Munchkin Kittens  are  divided into two categories:  A Standard  Munchkin, which has the very short forelegs, and a Nonstandard Munchkin , which has normal length legs but still has the wonderful personality that is a recognized trait of the Munchkin Cat breed.
beautiful kittens for sale, louisiana kittens New Orleans kittens
          A Napoleon Kitten results from the mating of a Munchkin Cat  with a Persian Cat.  
           Just when you thought it couldn't get any better - it did!  Imagine the beauty of a Persian Kitten without the health problems and without the high coat and eye maintenance normally associated with the Persian Cat breed. 
           The result is  first generation Napoleon Kittens.  Whether the Napoleon Cat is bred with a Munchkin Cat, another Napoleon Cat, or a Persian Cat, the result is always Napoleon Kittens
           The Napoleon Kittens have  the same fantastic personality as the Munchkin Kittens and are divided into the same two categories - Standard Napoleon Kittens and Nonstandard Napoleon Kittens
           The Standard Napoleon Kittens have short forelegs - the Nonstandard Napoleon Kittens have regular length legs but the same great personality.
Munchkin kittens, Napoleon Kittens, Persian kittens

Questions?  Just Give Us A Call!
Please note my phone number has changed. 

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We love to talk about our kittens!
 All Our Breeders Are Registered With TICA and Some Are Also
Registered with CFF and/or CFA as well


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